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MARCH 2023

Introducing an inspiring, powerful woman I'm grateful to know, Heather Mack. She became her own boss to help heal people as a Kambo Practioner and Arbonne Consultant. Her bright spirit was so much fun capturing photos in the wild blooms that have grown over 5 feet tall with all the rain we've gotten in California.

During this photo session, I wanted to immerse myself and the subject in the wild plant life, and we did indeed! With that, we needed a couple of props. Blanket to get low to the ground and I bought a bouquet of similar colored flowers at Trader Joe's so we weren't picking from nature.

Who doesn't want to dance in wild blooms? I hope to have many more photo sessions this Spring while everything is blooming beautifully!


Creatively telling your story,

Trina Severson


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