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Meet Blaire and Kevin with kids Jamie and Belle. Blaire and Kevin met in College at the University of Southern California. They now live in a beautiful home near campus and are season ticket holders for the LA Gallaxy soccer team where their home stadium just happens to be located right on the USC campus also!

They are drawn to where they met, which I would be too, the campus is breathtaking - historic brick buildings, gardens, and unique walkways all around. I actually took their engagement photos on USC campus so it only made sense to bring them back now with their little ones for a family photo shoot!

I haven't seen Jamie and Belle in a while so before we went full speed into photos, I let them explore the grounds a bit and we went on an adventure scouting looking for squirrels. This gave them some time to get familiar with me and my big black camera.

Once they got comfortable, we played some more games throughout the photo shoot. My personal favorite was Red Light, Green Light! I got the kids to line up with mom and dad and said Red Light until I was ready. Then "Green Light!" for some fast running ahead and then we did slow motion for walking.

While we were waiting for little Miss Belle, I even did some Simon Says with Jamie. He was for sure having a blast.

All in all, we had a lovely evening in the parks at USC. And I would take any family here for photos even if you didn't attend the college, it truly is a great location.


Creatively telling your story,

Trina Severson


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