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Say hello to the Leanger family of four; Tricia Jo, Steve, Ryder, & Summer Jo. The beautiful mom, Tricia Jo, is my big sister. One of the reasons I fly to Minnesota once a quarter is so I can visit with my lovely nieces, and also offer my sister seasonal photos as the kiddos grow so fast! What is great about knowing them so well is that the kids are not shy in front of the big black camera. They know it's their Auntie TT behind the lens and have a lot of fun with me. Ryder was definitely showing me his GQ model moves, I was so impressed!

Becoming close with my clients and getting to know them on a personal level is key in order to have an authentic, intentional, and fun photo shoot together. So let's get to know one another a bit more before the next shoot; hello zoom chat, quick coffee meetup, or enjoy a glass of wine.


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